More than yet another design house



Nowadays, the communication is essential for the M2M, IoT, or HMI systems. We have rich experiences with TPC/IP networks, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth (Smart, Low Energy) or IEEE 802.15.4 systems such as wM-Bus or ZigBee. In our designs, we have taken advantage of both approaches; the System-on-Chip as well as the software stack in an application MCU.

We are ready to face the custom protocol demands and its implementation to be interoperable with customers or third-party systems. We know the industrial buses and its capabilities such as CAN, LIN, RS485, Modbus, etc.

We can give a hand with new HMI designs based on iOS, Android or Windows platforms. The BLE or Wi-Fi technology is very useful as a service channel of many devices. Provisioning is another very common application.