More than yet another design house

Logic Elements is an R&D laboratory

that has emerged from a mixture of two elements.

Since 2015, Logic Elements is focused on the development of electronic systems and products for the vibrodiagnostics of steam turbines and related power system issues.

Logic Elements is a member of Jablotron Group, one of the biggest manufacturers of electronics in the Czech Republic, selling worldwide, which tremendously helps us guarantee the high manufacturing standards.

In result, we can confidently offer the entire product design as a service, i.e., from idea, through feasibility study and price targeting, to design and manufacturing. In cooperation with Jablotron Group facilities, we can supervise the mass production of series in orders of 100k with full control over the quality management.

Based on experiences, great team, huge background of the holding group and the scientific past of founders we take the challenges from the market as an opportunity for new great products.

Our competencies

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Hardware design

Software design

Mobile and Cloud

FPGA design


Embedded Linux

Our products

Vibrodiagnostic system

A failure of large power systems results always in economic losses due to breakdown of the electric supply immense repair costs. That is the reason for the monitoring and diagnostics of operational states of the machine components, and why it attracts more attention than ever before. The Vibration Monitoring System is a scalable diagnostics platform useful for...

Vibrodiagnostic system preview


Our customers
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Member of


Logic Elements is proud member of Jablotron Group. We are a growing group of independent companies with a strong drive for innovation, creating products and services that bring you a real value, good techno but also very logic solutions, built with a lasting quality. We are a Czech Republic based company with a world-wide presence, exporting to more than 80 countries. 

And it´s not only about business - helping the community is a natural part of our activities. And it´s also about humor and joy in all we do.

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